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194 pages
Jul 2005
Orman Press Inc.

He Said It! I Did It!: Lessons from my Father on Mastering Personal Finance

by Charles W. Buffington III & Jr.

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Charles W. Buffington III has written a sort of African-American version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad with his nonfiction financial advice book He Said It! I Did It! Buffington's story is that he was making a lot of money as a successful businessman until he got laid off. He then discovered he was deep in debt, shallow on credit, and short on friends. He then turned to his father, a man who had retired in his 50s and owned two homes, for practical advice. The rest of the book is a series of bromides from the dad about staying out of debt, establishing a routine of investing, and being honest with folks.

Although the book has some tried and true advice about how to set up a budget, how to reduce personal overhead and expenses, how to hunt for bargains, and how to plan for retirement, there is nothing really new or revolutionary in what is shared. In fact, the author readily credits Steven Covey, Tony Robbins and others with many of the ideas he teaches.

However, what is genuine about the book is its consistent adherence to biblical principles about money management. Bible verses are quoted, Old and New Testament stories are retold, and serious discussions are brought up related to tithing and charity. Each chapter ends with an outline of the key points previously discussed and a series of Scripture verses applicable to the chapter's lessons.

Anyone new to the basics of financial management will find this book to be a primer. It is not technical, but written in layman's language. The lessons are functional, helpful, and easily applied. This is not a book about aggressive investment strategies, leveraging, or speculations. It is a course in Money Management 101. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

He Said It! I Did It! is a book about mastering personal finance from a Christian perspective. A son learns from his millionaire father valuable lessons about achieving abundance. As the son learns these lessons, he explains the basic principles of personal finance in a way that is applicable to real life which everyone can understand.