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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Mar 2005
First Fruits of Zion

Holy Cow! Does God Care About What We Eat?

by Hope Egan

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Holy Cow! by Hope Egan is a challenging, convincing and completely Scriptural look at the foods we eat. Does the Bible specifically tell us to avoid certain types of meat? And if so, are those dietary rules still applicable for todayís Christians?

This is the type of book that will make any student of the Bible happy. The author clearly and carefully leads readers through a penetrating and fascinating study of Godís Word. Yet, her style of writing is conversational, never confrontational. In fact, she first explains why she started investigating the issue of food. This book is actually a result of her own personal quest into the subject, and quite frankly, this reviewer is glad that she decided to share her conclusions with others. Although she also stresses that this issue is not salvation related, she does encourage readers to thoroughly explore these teachings as part of Godís Word.

The author showed the seamless transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament teaching on this subject. Seemingly archaic Levitical laws are more clearly understood through the instruction of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Itís safe to say that this book will cause readers to respond in some way.

Man Alive! Thereís More! is the second half of the book authored by D. Thomas Lancaster. He provides readers with further commentaries on the more challenging Scripture passages used. If anyone needs additional proof about the validity of these verses to speak on the subject of food, these pages serve as confirmation.

With footnotes, a bibliography, questions for discussion, and a detailed index, this book is serious about teaching readers what God has to say about the foods we eat. Itís a perfect mix of enthusiasm and exhortation! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Join messiah magazine editor and best-selling author Hope Egan on her personal journey through what the Bible says about eating meat. With the help of author and Bible teacher D. Thomas Lnacaster, Hope helps you see how science and Scripture brilliantly intertwine. Promoting neither legalism nor vegetarianism, Holy Cow! gently challenges followers of Jesus to take a fresh look at how they live out their faith and what Christian obedience looks like.