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Trade Paperback
171 pages
Aug 2006
Green Key Books

Ablaze: Igniting Spiritual Passion for Life Through Reading God's Word

by Pam Gillaspie

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Whether you are a new Christian or an "older" one, Ablaze, by Pam Gillaspie can help you in your Bible study and reading. As Pam says, "The whole point of being in God’s Word is coming to know the God of the Word in an intimate relationship. It is in this intimate relationship that holy passion is unleashed and fanned into flame." (p. 115)

Gillaspie’s book is divided into three parts: Part 1—Drawing Near the Flame. This covers five truths: order, understanding, time, schedules, and ability. Within this area, she discusses a plan and methods for reading through our Bibles in a year to grasp the overall gist of God’s Word. At the end of each chapter, she has assignments to lead us into deeper study of individual books or portions.

Part 2—Carrying the Fire. Here Gillaspie discusses God’s power in the transformed life of the believer. She gets down to the nitty-gritty here, dividing the churchgoer from the true believer. If anyone falls into the first category, she pauses to help them accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Then she speaks about our "Mission from God," which is to shine for Him that others may see Him in us and desire to know Him, too.

The last part is a "Bible Study Tool Box." This contains: A Five-Minute Survey of the Old Testament, Quick Book Summaries (the Bible books), and an inductive study on Biblical examples of spiritual passion.

This book is easy yet challenging reading. I enjoyed it because it reads as though the author is right there with you talking through each section. As an "older" Christian, I was re-energized in my Bible reading and enjoyed her suggestions for a "friendlier" way of reading through the Bible in a year. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Is spiritual passion something you know you need more of but don't have the time or energy to work for?

Spiritual passion is not another "to do" on your task list. It's the fire that keeps you going to complete your tasks and to do so with godly perspective and wisdom. Spiritual passion is what fuels us for life's journey as well as daily struggles. But such power can only be sparked and spread through growing intimately familiar with God through His Word.

In Ablaze, author Pam Gillaspie challenges us to a life commitment to reading God's Word and gives practical, down-to-earth techniques to overcome the obstacles keeping us from doing so. Through this book, Gillaspie becomes our coach, encouraging us to keep pursuing God in His Word and thereby experiencing a heart set ablaze for more and more of Him.