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128 pages
Mar 2006
Green Key Books

The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers

by Josh McDowell

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First a bestselling book, now a movie, The DaVinci Code has become a favorite watercooler topic and source of squirm for believers not familiar with the history of Christianity. Josh McDowell, known for his recognizable “Evidence That Demands A Verdict” series, has written The DaVinci Code: A Quest for Answers to help those confused by the claims of this cultural phenomenon. What makes this book unique is McDowell’s way of informing the reader of facts through storytelling. In A Quest for Answers, three college students begin an informal book club to read The DaVinci Code, after they have seen the movie together. Once they begin, one of them finds that some of the books “facts” are not actually true, and this sets in motion a series of meetings, an interview with a professor, and good old-fashioned research. In the end, the threesome discover that most of what Dan Brown has declared as historically accurate, is incorrect or insupportable. Then, they must decide what relevance this information, primarily of Christ’s deity, has their own lives.

McDowell’s methods are marvelous! Most readers interested in the original book will ignore a non-fiction, academic book that argues against the exciting conspiracy theories. Instead, in A Quest for Answers, they will find a light story that leads a chase across Brown’s pages for plots and schemes to denounce the Christian church. In true McDowell style, he brings to light evidences and quotes solid authorities such as Dr. Paul Meier, William Lane Craig, Richard Abanes, Erwin Lutzer, Lee Strobel, and others to stand against Brown’s heresies. Woven throughout the narrative are examples of how Christians can share the real facts with others, and it culminates in a call to know Christ personally as Savior. At only 100 pages long, A Quest for Answers can be read by anyone interested in the DaVinci Code controversy, and is an exceptional starting point for further reading. Highly recommended. – Anne Walker, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Just where does fact end and fiction begin? The brilliant mix of fact and fiction in Dan Brown's Conspiracy story "The Da Vinci Code" raises serious questions regarding the origins and claims of Christianity. Many come away from the book shaken in their beliefs, wondering what is true? Questions like "Was Mary Magdalene really Jesus' wife and the mother of his child?" And more. McDowell skillfully separates facts from fallacy. This is a book you and your friends should have right now!