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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Aug 2005
Faithwalk Publishing

Facing Justice

by Diane & David Munson

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The Armed Revolutionary Cause has taken up where Al-Qaida has left off. Now their leader, El Samoud, is planning a series of devastating worldwide attacks to coincide with the start of Purim. So starts Facing Justice by Diane and David Munson.

Since the death of her twin sister at the Pentagon on 9/11, Eva Montana's war against terror has been both personal and professional. With her Financial Intelligence Group, an arm of the new immigration bureau, she and Griff, a former FBI agent, and Trenton Nash, a young deputy sheriff with dreams of entering the FBI like his father and grandfather, pursue terrorists through studying financial records of suspects. When they capture an American immigrant coordinator of ARC, Farouk startles Eva by claiming that Emile Jubayl, the head of an international charitable organization, is a financier of ARC. Though she doesn't know him well, Emile and his wife Sari attend Eva's church.

Eva sets up surveillance of Emile and an undercover assignment for Trenton to take Farouk to London to meet with other ARC members. Though Farouk escapes Trenton, MI-5 has him under surveillance also and captures his girlfriend and associate. Eva's team gains increasing prisoners in the leadership approaching El Samoud and his bodyguard and chief aid, The Cobra, but will they be in time to stop the attacks?

Questions mount about Emile Jubayl's role in terrorism, but the evidence doesn't. Trenton determines that he will prove the association. He begins his own investigation outside legal parameters, an investigation that will destroy innocents.

Diane Munson, a former Federal Prosecutor, and David Munson, a retired Federal Special Agent, draw on their years of experience, to create a page-turner right out of today's headlines. The Munsons draw the reader not only into the legal questions surrounding the fight against terrorism, but also into the familial pressures that agents face. Except for a couple of minor issues, the book is well written, engaging, and difficult to put down. In the opening of chapter one, during a tension-packed scene where Eva is on a raid, the authors slow the action down too much with too many flashbacks. It's understandable that Eva might think of her dead sister, but would she really think about her grandpa's words about the boy with his finger in the hole in the dike?

Also, Eva has visions from God related to the future. She has one just moments before Jillian's death at the Pentagon. Yet as the climax approaches, those visions peter out. This is minor, but it leaves the story feeling slightly unbalanced.

The end of the book leaves the reader eager for a sequel. For a good, enjoyable legal thriller, pick up Facing Justice. Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Has international terrorism come to church?

Former Federal Prosecutor Diane Munson and retired Federal Special Agent David Munson draw on their true-life experiences in this suspense novel about Special Agent Eva Montanna, whose twin sister died at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Eva dedicates her career to avenge her death while investigating Emile Jubayl, a member of Eva's church and CEO of Helpers International, who is accused of using his aid organization to funnel money to El Samoud, head of the Armed Revolutionary Cause, and successor to Al Qaeda.

Family relationships are tested in this fast-paced, true-to-life legal thriller about the men and women who are racing to defuse the ticking time bomb of international terrorism.