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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2005
Faithwalk Publishing

ParableLife: Living the Stories of Jesus in Real Time

by Michelle Van Loon

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ParableLife takes the stories of Jesus right to the front door of readers! Michelle Van Loon clothes the Lordís words with a creative contemporary slant that slices through the centuries.

Each chapter deals with a specific parable. The author provides the biblical passage and follows that with a faithful retelling of the story. A crafted version comes next, which gives the message a more modern angle. The rest of the chapter offers thoughts and questions that are designed to help readers retain the significant facts and lessons.

A spiritually-sensitive application of the parables cleverly connects them to our current times. All of the modern stories are true, with names and some details being changed. This section has the potential to influence lives, as readers will see the relevance of the tales in todayís world.

The authorís intent was to provide believers with a type of spiritual road map. As these stories creatively enter our present day, believers will understand how the Lordís words give us clear instructions. The contemporary issues include an assortment of realistic topics, and the authorís insights dovetail beautifully with the accepted interpretation of these parables.

Itís obvious that Michelle Van Loon loves and appreciates a good story! She not only gives glory to the meaningful messages in the parables, but she earnestly endeavors to show readers the timeless significance of these stories. ParableLife is the perfect blend of modern culture and spirituality! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Jesus could have chosen to give his followers a map showing the path from here to eternity that would have offered a nice, neat shortcut straight through the complex tangle of life.

Instead, all he says is, "Follow Me."

What on earth does that mean?

Author Michelle Van Loon heard that question again and again from everyday people she encountered -- from those on the street to art galleries to bookstores and even churches. People who expressed the same faith struggles and longings she had. As she grappled with what it meant to live a follower's life, she discovered the raw beauty and truthful power of Jesus's parables. Stories that changed her life, choice by choice.

ParableLife offers readers a fresh, contemporary exploration of ten of Jesus's stories from a biblically-faithful, spirit-filled, emergent perspective.