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Trade Paperback
178 pages
Mar 2005
Tate Publishing

Chili and Chocolate Cake: My Recipe for Staying Anchored in the Storms of Life

by Joyce Schneider

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On the surface, Joyce Schneider portrayed the diligent Christian mother and wife, leading Bible studies and teaching Sunday School. But in truth she lived in the “Land of Pretend” talked about in the Velveteen Rabbit. Years spent overcoming her past came back to haunt her.

The pain kicked in after several years of marriage. In close succession, Joyce had a miscarriage and a stillbirth. Through these traumas, memories returned of the discarded baby she had aborted as a young woman. Only with close girlfriends and a strong knowledge of Scripture did she return to the joy of the Lord.

Written in a casual let’s-talk-over-coffee style, Joyce’s narrative reminds us to never give up battling those dark periods of our lives. As painful as her struggles seem, she also shares the slow progression of healing. At her worst moments, something as simple as baking chocolate cake and chili each week for the church potluck anchored her fragile emotions. Cooking these items reminded her she’d soon be at church surrounded by people who loved her.

For those who have struggled with abortion, miscarriages, and infertility, this book will remind them that honesty is hard, but necessary for healing. Joyce’s main message is to get real to get healed, being truthful both with God and with fellow Christians. You may say like Joyce did that: “God gave me a miracle. He raised my spirit from the dead.” -- Carol Stratton, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Joyce Schneider tells her own story of the pain and grief she experienced as a result of an abortion she had at a young age, two miscarriages that she had later in life, and then a somewhat recent stillborn birth. She challenges the reader to become 'real' before God, to express her true feelings to Him, and to allow Him to do a healing work inside her that only He can do.