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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Oct 2006
Salt Works

An Opened Grave: Sherlock Holmes Investigates His Ultimate Case

by L. Frank James

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Sherlock Holmes is known for tackling bizarre cases. In An Opened Grave by L. Frank James, Holmes investigates a difficult and intriguing case: Did Jesus Christ die and rise again? Told from the perspective of Holmes’ loyal companion Dr. Watson, An Open Grave takes readers on a logical journey of Holmes’ quest for Christ. The seed of the question is planted in Holmes’ mind when a client of his becomes convinced that Jesus saved Holmes’ life. Holmes tries to find a logical explanation for his rescue, but upon finding none he begins to research the possibilities of it being a miraculous event. With Watson’s help he then initiates his travels, taking him from his comfortable quarters in London on an arduous journey to Jerusalem in search of the truth.

L. Frank James’ plot is exciting and thought-provoking, bringing up a sound argument for the validity of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, while framing everything in a entertaining story with some of the most beloved characters in detective fiction. He remains true to the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as Conan Doyle established them.

He takes the story through some interesting and surprising twists while still being able to maintain a clear path of reasoning. His style flows well and is easy to follow, even through the intense parts of the plot. He succeeds as he tries to mimic the narrative style that Doyle established when writing from Watson’s perspective. The Christian elements of the book are sound, non-doctrinal, and they aid the plot without sounding preachy.

An Open Grave would be best recommended for fans of the Sherlock Holmes tales or for those who are fond of detective and mystery stories. -- Jessica Becker, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In the midst of retirement, Sherlock Holmes is lured into what he believes to be a simple missing-person case. While investigating his new case, an apparent miracle saves his life and causes him to begin to question his own world-view. His client, the lovely and devout Miss Elizabeth Hackberry, offers him an explanation for the life-saving miracle—an explanation that challenges all that he knows and believes.

In his attempt to prove or disprove Miss Hackberry’s belief that God was the One who saved his life, Holmes reaches the conclusion that he must personally investigate the most controversial, ancient mystery of all time—the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As a result, Holmes and Dr. Watson set out on a dangerous journey to Jerusalem. Along the way they face imprisonment, scoundrels, slavery, starvation, hostile sheiks, and a treacherous villain who turns their journey into a cat-and-mouse game.