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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Aug 2007
The Writers Cafe Press

Light at the Edge of Darkness

by Cynthia MacKinnon

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Horror. Fantasy. Dystopia. Time travel. Science fiction. Supernatural. Christian fiction? Yes, if you're reading more than a dozen authors in Light at the Edge of Darkness, edited by Cynthia MacKinnon. This book of biblical speculative fiction includes twenty-seven short stories by authors Adam and Andrea Graham, Stephen L. Rice, A.P. Fuchs, Deborah Cullins-Smith, Daniel I. Weaver, C.E. Lavender, S.M. Kirkland, Frank Creed, Steve Doyle, V.B. Tenery, Joseph Ficor, Donna Sundblad, Aisha K. Moore, Carizz Cruzem, Alethea Knight, and Karen McSpadden.

These stories are not your average Sunday school paper short story. They are edgy and cross into sub-genres rarely touched by Christians. A.P. Fuchs starts the book with a look at Christian persecution from the inside and opens the eyes of the reader to the spiritual realm beyond human vision. Then Daniel I. Weaver throws to the reader two stories designed "to scare the Jesus into you." S.M. Kirkland offers "Fair Balance" with an ironic twist, and Deborah Cullins-Smith gives a glimpse of the Father's great compassion in "Allison." She also offers a spiritualistic western to the anthology. "Your Average Ordinary Alien" by Adam Graham made me laugh out loud. Andrea Graham provided thoughtful depth in "Frozen Generation."

Not only do the authors' sub-genres vary, but so do their styles. Some of the stories are light and humorous, some thought provoking, some I made sure not to read at bedtime. Each story includes a short clip about the author and, even better, the motivation or inspiration that led to the story. For me, that added to the story.

Some of the writing is powerful. A few stories have endings that are too predictable and trite, while others provide a pleasing twist.

I'm a grandmother but I enjoyed many of the stories. However, I picture most of the stories appealing to younger readers, say, high school through thirties. Having had a houseful of males, I suspect that many of the stories will appeal to men more than women, or to women who do not enjoy sweetheart novellas. For the reader who likes the challenge and edge of horror, fantasy, or sci-fi but is leery of the philosophy behind most of the popular works, this book is for you. – Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Light at the Edge of Darkness is a weighty volume containing 3 novelettes and 25 short stories that cover the SF spectrum from horror and spiritual thriller to sci-fi and cyberpunk to fantasy. Submissions for this anthology were numerous, but the rigorous literary and theological standards left only the best. Headlining the book is “Undeniable,” a riveting, chilling tale from Canadian horror writer, A.P. Fuchs.

When forced to the edge of darkness, there’s only one way back: embrace the Light. Light at the Edge of Darkness tells stories written from a Christian world view intended to inspire and entertain readers. The showcased Biblical spec-fic sub-genres are: science fiction, dystopia, cyberpunk, fantasy, time travel, and supernatural. The stories have been organized into subgenres with some versatile authors writing in more than one category.