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Trade Paperback
296 pages
May 2010

Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock

by John Claeys

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There are many books depicting the end of the world, along with many movies displaying imagined scenes of destruction on December 21, 2012, but Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock by John Claeys gives readers an accurate description of a pre-tribulation view disproving the Mayan calendarís claims of catastrophe. Claeys pieces together evidence from Scripture and science to disprove the myth of 2012. Claeys is both a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and Dallas Theological Seminary, and has pursued doctoral work at Phoenix Seminary.

Apocalypse 2012 provides a climactic overview of the End Times, starting with a pre-tribulation rapture and ending with Christís victory and reign on earth. Whatís unique about this book is how Claeys combines prophecies from both Testaments to predict meticulously when and where Satan will use his instruments of destruction on the world, along with how Jesus Christ will rescue his saints and destroy Satan. Claeys provides beneficial timelines and a glossary of endnotes for further reading. He explains the locations of where these many events will occur, such as the Mediterranean Sea and the campaign of the King of the North.

Readers should note Apocalypse 2012 is written as a theological study of the End Times instead of an epic story like the Left Behind novels. At times the book can feel like it repeats itself, but only with the intention of connecting events and explaining their purposes. Overall Apocalypse 2012 gives an accurate depiction of the pre-tribulation view of the future, along with scriptural support. The repetitive nature will have readers frustrated at times, but will provide a better recollection of the events. Ė Tom Vick,

Book Jacket:

Could recently fulfilled Biblical prophecy and significant recent events indicate that the countdown to Revelation has begun? Author John Claeys (Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary), a long-time student of Bible prophecy, has keenly watched developments in the Middle East line up to usher in Godís "day of the Lord," a special seven-year era immediately preceding Jesusí return to establish Godís kingdom on the earth. As a result, Claeys felt compelled to present a clear, chronological presentation of near-future events described in the Bible in order to help people prepare for Christís return.