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192 pages
Oct 2009
Summerside Press

I3 Devotions for Leadership and Life

by Dan Brokke

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In order to produce a new generation of effective leaders, Dan Brooke has written I3 Devotions for Leadership & Life -- a compact devotional subtitled, Identity, Integrity and Impact. Many people either desire to be leaders or they see themselves having nothing to do with leadership. However, the truth is, everyone is a leader to somebody else (parent, coach, pastor, employer, teacher, politician), and as Christians we are called to leave a legacy of divinely ordered leadership. This book provides concrete biblical truths for becoming a leader by recognizing a leader’s identity, sustaining that identity by maintaining integrity, and then impacting the people surrounding the leader by applying the righteous will of the leader.

Leadership begins with recognizing one’s identity in Christ, and then choosing to live with integrity to uphold this identity. Brooke has written 30 chapters to provide specific lessons on aspects of identity, integrity, and impact. He provides discussion questions to help readers reflect on the chapter and then share the message with others. In each chapter the author offers bits of his experiences in the corporate world, as well as lessons he has learned as a husband and father.

Leadership has a reputation for being one person dominating others with no accountability to anyone else and displaying control over obedient followers. Brooke, however, believes that leaders shouldn’t be lonely islands without any relationships. Good leaders will respond to feedback and will be willing to lead by giving advice and setting a good example. As for control issues of leadership, Brooke says that the best leaders give control of everything to God, because worrying about control hinders a leader’s effectiveness and his or her attitude regarding servitude. “Jesus laid the foundation for I3 living and leadership,” writes Brooke. “He said, ‘I can do nothing on my own. As I hear, I judge, and my judgment is just, because I seek not my own will but the will of him who sent me’” (John 5:29-31 ESV). Christ was totally free of fear because He walked completely in the light of His Father.

Overall I3 is packed with identities based on Scripture and supported with many heartfelt life experiences. Brooke’s writing style pulls readers into each chapter, provoking serious reflections on one’s own leadership style. The only downside to the book is that it leaves readers wanting more. This book is great for the serious Christian searching for how to be an effective leader for Christ. – Tom Vick,

Book Jacket:

Every leader is on a journey. Whether the leader is a CEO, a small business owner, or a Sunday School teacher, the path is much the same. Each leader must discover Identity, build Integrity, and prepare for Impact.

Through this reflective devotional journey written from experiences in successful entrepreneurial, corporate, and ministerial environments, I3...
• uses inspiration, reflection, and biblical examples to help leaders identify their purpose.
• encourages men and women to live authentically as they take up the yoke of leadership and hold tight to their convictions.
• motivates leaders to influence the world with integrity and strength.

These transformational and encouraging insights will help leaders leave a leadership legacy. Identity...Integrity...
Impact...the three ingredients to excellence in leadership. Interactive questions follow each devotional selection.