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Trade Paperback
276 pages
Jul 2010
Port Yonder Press

Lost Island Smugglers

by Max Elliot Anderson

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Lost Island Smugglers is the first of the Sam Cooper Adventure series written by Max Elliot Anderson. Sam Cooper is an eleven-year-old who has never lived in one place for more than a year due to his father's work. In his latest home, he makes new friends who invite him to go scuba diving. But while out at sea they are swept away by a storm and are stranded on an island. From there it's a tale of survival.

This story carefully builds to the point where Sam and his friends are stranded. First, Sam meets and forms a bond with Tyler and Tony, and later he is with them as they learn to scuba dive. Sam, Tyler, and Tony seem to get along, but Sam is mistrustful of Tony, whereas Tyler follows Tony like a shadow.

When Tony invites Sam to go scuba diving on his dad's boat without taking along any adults, Sam is split between taking part in an adventure under the ocean and violating the hard earned trust of his parents. Sam asks for permission from his parents and they quickly say no. He then disobeys them and joins Tony and Tyler as they go out, knowing that he'll be in trouble.

Much of the story focuses on the interaction among the three boys. Sam is the new guy in town and he wants to make friends. Tony is the biggest of the bunch and is also the richest and bossiest. Tyler is a tag-a-long to Tony, following everything he does without question. All three are unique and important to the story, although Tyler mostly just whines.

This book is cleverly written and is clearly designed for younger readers. The story of Sam, Tyler, and Tony reminds me of the story of the prodigal son who was lost and returned to his father's home. It might not appeal to everyone, but for 8- to 12-year-old boys this story will be very entertaining. – Jared Hammond,

Book Jacket:

Sam Cooper had just moved to Harper’s Inlet where he met Tony and Tyler. While Tony’s father was away on a buying trip, the boys took one of the rental sailboats out for a diving adventure. Everything went well until the biggest storm Tony had ever seen blew up from out of nowhere, and the boys found themselves stranded on Lost Island. But, if they thought the worst had happened, they were wrong. The boys discovered a secret hideout that was used by men in high powered speedboats. Sam and his friends knew the men were up to something, only they didn’t know what. They had to find a way to stop them, but how? And, even if they did, the boys could never tell anyone about it.