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182 pages
Feb 2010
Maestro Books

Jerusalem Always

by Marcelo Bendahan

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This beautiful photo essay, Jerusalem Always, is hard to stop reading. The photos are full of color, action, history, and emotion. The narrative is presented in both English and Spanish, and provides much intriguing information. Appealing to all ages, and this coffee-table-style book will be welcomed in libraries, homes, waiting rooms, classrooms, and as gifts. It begins with a glorious two-page spread of the sunrise over the Mount of Olives; then, travels through all of Jerusalemís quarters, religions, ethnic mixtures, businesses, festivals, homes, and generations. With history and contemporary life inextricably mixed in Jerusalem each photo is a montage of past, present, and, sometimes, future.

Author Heidi Gleit has held many positions in Israel, among them, the Tel Aviv correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, the foreign press liaison for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the editor of ERETZ Magazine, which centers on Israelís history and culture. She has drawn on all this expertise to provide fascinating, fact-filled captions for each photograph. Noted Spanish photographer Marcello Bendahan, whose work has been used by a wide range of media, spent several years living in and photographing Jerusalem. His photos are fresh, bright, and intriguing: they are stories in themselves, and can be looked at often, always revealing something new. A large book, this photo essay needs the support of a table while you enjoy it.

An international production, Jerusalem Always, combines the talents of Spain and Israel, and was published in Amsterdam, printed in China. So it is not surprising that once in a while the English appears a bit awkward, probably due to translation issues. But these are easily understood and bypassed, and the reader happily continues with the joy of filling their eyes and minds with this intimate glimpse of Jerusalem. Ė Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Jerusalem (which is called Yerushalayim in Hebrew) is a holy city to Jews, Christians, and Muslims as well as the capital of the modern State of Israel. Known as the 'city of gold' due to the hue of its ancient walls at sunrise and sunset, it is a fascinatingly unique place where history rubs shoulders with modernity and where picturesque old neighborhoods nestle against glistening office towers and high-rise apartment buildings. It is one of those places that must be seen to be believed.

Jerusalem Always introduces this fascinating city and its colorful mosaic of inhabitants to readers. A beautifully designed, lavishly illustrated album featuring over 140 full-color images, this large-format book is a moving journey into the heart of the Israeli capital and the daily life and festivals of its people and pilgrims. Marcelo Bendaha¬°n's photographs bring the awesome beauty of the city to life and offer revealing glimpses into various religions and cultures that thrive in Jerusalem. Many of the photographs were taken with a panoramic camera that allowed Bendaha¬°n to capture the vigor and diversity of Jerusalem's streets and alleys. The photographs are accompanied by an insightful, informative, and entertaining text that will engage the reader.

'Jerusalem Always' begins by focusing on the religious sites that have attracted pilgrims for centuries and the modern city that has developed around them. The album then introduces readers to the city's diverse population, from dancers and clowns to merchants and models, from boys studying the holy scriptures and artisans at work to children at play and pilgrims on parade.

Bilingual Text: English and Spanish