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Trade Paperback
160 pages
May 2011

Preachers of a Different Gospel

by Femi B. Adeleye

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In Preachers of a Different Gospel, Femi Adeleye examines the current fruit of the African charismatic revival of the 70s and 80s. Adeleye criticizes the spread of the prosperity gospel that has infiltrated Africa since that time. He seeks to remind readers that “the gospel does not promise prosperity without pain or salvation without sanctification” (cover).

Adeleye tackles the problem with wisdom from firm Christian teachers, including A.W. Tozer. He is quick to address contradictions between the Bible and the prosperity gospel. One verse that he depends on throughout the book is 2 Timothy 3:12, which says, “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” His straightforward, sensible criticisms reveal his thirty years of experience as an international evangelist.

Looking at the careers of various modern international “health and wealth” preachers, Adeleye reaffirms the impossibility of attaining God’s promises without bearing one’s own cross and following Jesus. The accounts of those who have withheld medicine up until death because of “faith in faith” are especially impacting.

In this book, Adeleye offers a cultural window to the African continent and the problems that the charismatic church is now facing. With scriptural encouragement, he calls Africa to a revival of authentic Christianity. This book offers perhaps the clearest insight into the spiritual obstacles Africa must overcome. Preachers of a Different Gospel is for anyone who would like to expand his or her understanding of and empathy for the global church. – Kyle Carruthers,

Book Jacket:

“Name it and claim it!” “Just have faith!” “Give and you will get!” Catchphrases like this have convinced many Christians that trusting in God will bring health and wealth. But the gospel does not promise prosperity without pain or salvation without sanctification. Femi Adeleye draws on his wide-ranging experience as he examines the appeal and peril of this new gospel of prosperity that has made deep inroads in Africa, as well as in the West.