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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Aug 2006

Grace Notes (Faithgirlz! / Blog On! #1)

by Dandi Daley Mackall

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By Jane



Dear Jane,

Your blog is all that! I’ve been trying to read my ’rents’ body language, especially my dad’s. Like you’re always doing with people. I want to catch him chizzlin’—you know, in a rare good mood, so I can hit him up for the car keys. You keep writing about watching facial features, but my dad ALWAYS has his nose in the newspaper. What can I do?


Hey, Fastcar,

Check out your dad’s hands! Hands are the most expressive parts of our bodies. You can see more in hands than in a face. Your dad’s fingers will show you his emotions. Our fingers are so locked into our nervous systems that they’re usually moving, even when we’re reading. If his hands jerk, or if he turns the page suddenly, that’s not a good time to ask. Wait until his shoulders aren’t square and his hands relax. If he unbuttons his coat or loosens his tie while he’s reading, or if he opens that palm, go for it!


Dear Jane,

Nick and I have just been talking, but we’re getting pretty tight. Still, I want to know if he’s frontin’ me. You know, faking how much he likes me? How can I tell if he’s lying when he says I’m the one?

—Falling Fast


That’s a pretty big question. Let me give you three basic gestures to look for. When someone’s lying, check for: see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil. “See no evil” is when he rubs his eyes, or just touches one eye while he tells you something. He might wrinkle his nose too. The “speak no evil” gesture is when he touches his mouth while he’s talking or uses his hands to block his words in some way. Look for a slight curling down at the corners of his mouth. “Hear no evil” is when he covers his ears or sticks his finger in his ear while he’s telling you how great you are. The guy can lie, but his body language can’t! —Jane