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384 pages
Nov 2006
Regal Books

Living Well: 365 Daily Devotions for a Balanced Life (First Place)

by Carole Lewis

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Section One

Making Wise Choices


Living well is about making wise choices. We all make many choices throughout our lives. The daily choices are fairly easy: what to wear, what to eat, what kind of car to drive. Other choices have the ability, if poorly made, to result in horrific consequences, not only for us but for future generations as well. These choices involve who we marry, what type of profession we pursue, how we raise our children and whether we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Making wise choices means learning to do the right thing every time we are faced with a decision. Although we are flawed human beings, the more we make wise choices, the more we learn what it means to live well.

June Chapko, the writer of the First Place Bible study Making Wise Choices, graciously agreed to write a devotional for each of the 10 Scripture memory verses she chose for that study. June has been a First Place Leader for many years and is presently the Women’s Ministry Director at her church in San Antonio, Texas. You will find June’s devotionals following mine in this first section.

For me, and for thousands of First Place members across the world, the wisest choice any of us has ever made is the decision to accept Jesus as our Savior. As we begin to grow in Christ, we discover that giving Him first place in every area of life—spiritual, mental, emotional and mental—is what living well is all about.

January 1

It’s About Choosing Life

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

Each new day brings decisions about whether to choose life or death, blessings or curses. When our family heard the tragic words, “Shari didn’t make it,” on Thanksgiving night, 2001, we had a decision to make in the spiritual realm: Would we choose death or would we choose life? As Johnny and I stood in the hospital hall, reeling from the news that our daughter had been killed by a drunk driver, I heard Shari’s husband, Jeff, tell their three daughters, “Girls, tomorrow we will believe the same thing about God that we believed this morning.” At that moment, I knew that Jeff had chosen life.

Choosing life always means choosing God. When we choose life, we choose to believe that God is good, even when our present circumstances are not. It really doesn’t matter what our situation looks like today; the remedy is always going to be found in giving our circumstances to God. Do you need to lose a lot of weight? Give the problem to God. Is your marriage in a mess? Give the problem to God. Are your finances a disaster? Give them to God.

God’s way is to bless His children, not curse them. As we learn to give Christ first place in everything that concerns us, He gives us blessing upon blessing, and abundant life becomes ours. This book is the seventh that God has written through me since Shari’s death in 2001. God has used a terrible tragedy to help and heal countless others. Choose life today. You won’t be sorry!


Father, I want to choose life when I make decisions about what to eat or what to say. I want to choose life so that I may become a life-giver to everyone I know.

Journal: List some areas in which you need to choose life today, and ask God to help you.

—Carole Lewis