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80 pages
Nov 2004
J. Countryman

The Heart & Home Of Christmas

by Karla Dornacher

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Salvation has come to this home today

Luke 19:9 (NLT)

Christmas is a special time of year,
a season set apart from all others to celebrate a miracle.
And what an incredible miracle it was!
God came inot this world to bring us the gift of salvation.
In fact, He was the Gift!

Salvation was born that Christmas Day so long ago.
He wasn't delivered to a mansion or a motel.
His crib was not found in a townhouse or a ranch house.
No fancy wrapping or ribbon either.
Sent by the hand of God,
Salvation entered this world in a borrowed stable,
always looking...ever seeking...for a home to call His own.

Since the day He was born, Jesus has been knocking on doors
throughout the generations, among every culture and people.
He longs to find a hom--a dwelling place--
in the hearts of people who will simply believe.

Yes, Christmas is a time to rejoice...
not only in the miracle of Christ's birth,
but with even deeper joy
we celebrate the miracle of His being born into our lives,
making His home in our hearts.